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Websites to Stay Fit on the Fly

Whether you’re traveling, always on the go, or simply looking for an at-home workout option, here’s a list of my favorite websites to find fun, creative and  challenging workouts/yoga practices!

Free Options

Tone it Up (Fitness) – Meet your two new virtual besties. I’ve been following these stunning trainers for a number of years, and always enjoy the content they put out. They offer a fee-based nutrition plan as well as bundles that include: protein powder, the nutrition plan, cute swag, and extra workouts. They have their own DVD series, Beach Babe, and offer free, shorter clips from these, along with weekly workouts with videos and printable content.

12 Minute Athlete (HIIT) – I started following Krista Stryker, creator of the 12 Minute Athlete, about a year ago and really enjoy her workouts, posts, nutrition tips & recipes. HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, not only gets you fit, but it can be done in a short period of time… hence the 12 minute title (and sometimes less!). Krista also created an APP that gives you both the exercises and a timer to complete your workout. I love the APP! I use it for my personal workouts,  and also use the the timer for my fitness classes as it’s super handy. If you have limited time to sweat, this is a great resource.

Yoga Journal (Yoga) – Ah Yoga Journal. If you haven’t been to their general website yet, go take a look. It’s a great place to start if you are new to yoga. There are great articles written by top Yogi’s as well as a breakdown of the poses, their English/Sanskrit names, what they work, what they’re good for, and how to do them. They have some short videos by great instructors that you can follow along with at home, with lots of variety in styles and intensity levels.

Cassey Ho / Blogilates (Pilates) – Cassey is another trainer you’ll want head immediately to the smoothie bar with for some girl time after a workout. She’s got a huge following and creates killer quick Pilates workouts, along with designing cute items for her online boutique, which just launched it’s own clothing line. If you’re looking for a routine that’ll have less impact on your knees and lots of core/ab work, check out Blogilates!

Faith Hunter (Meditation) – Faith is one of my all-time favorite Yogi’s. We taught together a few years back when I was living in DC and a newbie yoga teacher. Her Louisiana sweetness and flowy vinyasa style never fail to impress me and reinvigorate my personal practice. She created a 30 day Meditation Challenge with DoYouYoga.com, and it’s completely free and worth a try whether you’re new to meditation, or looking to establish a regular meditation practice.

Fee Based

Most of these I haven’t sampled, being such a fan of group workouts and teaching regularly. I thought it would be helpful to have some other options for my friends on the go, whether you’re strapped for time to get to the gym or have a job that requires a great deal of travel. If you already use some of these and have feedback please share in the comments below! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

One0eight (Yoga) – $14 a month subscription. Intro deal: Try free for 10 days

YogaGlo (Yoga) – $18 a month subscription. Intro deal: Try free for 15 days

Pilatesology (Pilates) – $19 a month subscription. Intro deal: Try 12 classes for 10 days

Crunch Live (Fitness) – $9.99 a month. Intro deal: Try free for 10 days

Daily Burn (Fitness/Nutrition) – $10 a month. Intro deal: Try free for 30 days

Have you tried any of these websites? What are your thoughts? Comment below!

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